chainring compatability

Can any of you guys give me the heads up on what chainrings fit campag, and zeus cranks please. Also an old guy I sourced some parts off had an oblong shaped chainring that he was a bit vague about. The last time I saw one was when a LBS sold me one 10 yr ago and I tried to use it when my son raced bmx but had to take it off. Were these used in track back in the day ?

Have a look at Sheldon’s word.

In general, these days…

Campag & Miche road cranks are 135mm BCD
Shimano (and other ‘Japanese’ cranks) are 130mm BCD
Track cranks (pretty much regardless of brand I expect) are 144 BCD

My Zeus track cranks are 144, yes.

Without going into the technical side ,What I meant was ,I have campag and zeus cranks on frames and without taking them off I was wondering which from what i have just found, gali, sugino,suntour , sakai and whatever else is in the pile will fit these cranks, so I can offload those not needed…Thanks

Ok here’s the formula, measure between 2 chain rings bolts, centre to centre in millimetres, times that by 1.7 and you have your bcd or pcd depending on where you come from.
And not all zeus and campag is 144bcd.