chainring on inside of track cranks

is there any reason (apart from looking crap) why i shouldn’t put the chainring on the inside of a set of track cranks where there aren’t the tab thingys like on a road crank?

Why would you want/need to? One reason not to is that it will completely screw up your chainline (if you had the right BB length to begin with). Also, at least on my frames it would mean that the chainring would hit the chainstays.

Depends on your BB doesn’t it? I ran mine on the inside of my Steamroller and my Pomp because it gave me a straight chainline with the BB I was using. Never had a problem with either.

pretty much what nexus said.
There could be 2 other problems depending on your cranks:

  1. if your cranks are countersunk on the inside you’d have to be careful that you chainring bolts still engage properly and positively locate the chainring to the cranks.

  2. if the inside faces of the crank spider are not machined your chainring might not run true

Like others have noted it will probably work but for the cost of a $25 BB i’m with ranty pants^^, why?? Just get the right length BB and be done with it. What cranks are you using??

opportunity cost of 2 sixpacks perhaps

arghh guys i didnt want to give a long winded explanation but i guess i have to…

ant, of course this is to correct the chainline.

its a miche primato crank with adjustable bb, the problem is i can’t move the chainline in any further without the crank arm hitting the chainstay.

i think dafrog is on the money with his answer, i’ll have to give it a go and see if those problems arise.

what i was most concerned with was whether the bolts can support the chainring on their own or if the tabs are necessary to support the chainring? hope that makes sense

interesting question, I can see why you ask it. I have no idea of the correct answer, but I would prefer to have the bolts supported by the design of the crank spider.

TA cranks have had single, double and triple chainrings supported by tiny mystery-metal chainring bolts for decades. There is no need to have shoulders on the crank supporting a chainring.

thought i’d give an update. took off the chainring only to find that the bolts screw directly into the crank spider, so the chainring can’t be put on the other side anyway. so I guess i just have to put up with a noisy chainline or switch back to road cranks. oh well.