chainstay protectors

What is the best bet for a brand new steel road frame?
Are those stick on ones suitable? Are any brands better than others? Does anyone know of clear, unbranded ones?

Use a piece of garden hose stuck on with double-sided tape!

Well it worked back in the early MTB days :roll:

for neat, cheap option, get an old 700c tube, cut into a long strip buy openinng it up lengthwise.
cut the strip so its about 20mm wide. start at the wheel end of the stay and wrap the stay tightly by overlapping the tube like you would a set of bars. if you start the wrap off properly you won’t need to use a tie or anything on that end.
finishit the way you would bar tape, and cut to length so the end is hidden by being at the inside.
finish with either a zip tie or some tape.
rub with a small amount of oil to make shiny.
cost $0
time 5mins
finish excellent
protection better than a bought one.