Change to what?!?

I’ve done a bunch of searches and can’t seem to find the answers im after…

I’m currently riding on 48/18, 700x23 tyres, and i’m thinking of changing up the ratio.

I want to slightly increase the resistance so i can get a bit faster on flat and pedal properly while going downhill, rather than just spinning like crazynuts and having to brake to remain in control.

Any reccomendations as to what i should change to?

learn to spin.

or get a 17t cog.

Put a 19 or 20T on there.

Work out the ratio by dividing the front by the rear teeth (48 / 18 = 2.66). If you want it to be harder to pedal, then make the ratio larger. Either increase the front teeth or decrease the rear.

The ratio you are after is personal preference. Dont forget that it might be easier to pedal downhill, but itll be harder to go up as well (slow acceleration from starting too).

If its pedalling downhill that you have an issue with, then you can also try shortening the cranks, 165mm seems popular and readily available.

k thanks guys,

Or put bigger tyres on

(see the Rabbit)

I find 47x15 a good velodrome and tailwind commuting gear, but I like 47x18 for most rides (I’ve hit 59.8 km/h on it). Go a 16 t, it will feel like a big difference without being too shit into headwinds and uphill.

Just be aware that you will have only 3 skid spots on 48x16.

Or only one :wink:

I’d stay with what you’ve got. I recently went from 48x16 to 48x19 and probably wouldn’t go back lightly. I feel the wind limiting my speed more than spinning on the flats. And on downhills I don’t have a need to go faster than 40-50 on a fixed gear with only a front brake.

Shit I hate making mistakes