Cheap 130 BCD 1/8" @ 44t Chain Rings

They look the part - wondering if anyone has seen/used on first hand? If not, I might have to guinea pig one. Emailed to see if they offer local pickup, if they do it will seal the deal for me.

I got one of these chainrings with a set of Lasco cranks.

Five minutes into my first ride using it, I managed to bend the chainring quite substantially outwards from the spider. The guy at the LBS where i bought it from had not seen any others he’d sold do this, so ymmv.

Replaced it with a nice stainless steel Surly, no issues since.

Cool, thanks for the heads up. There must have been a fault in the steal plate the ring was cut from to bend that easily - right?

On the flip side, I’m finding it difficult to match a “great” skid pattern VS inches with the 44T which may be a deal breaker. 68.0 GI is a bit weak @ 44x17, 44x16 only had 4 skid spots & 44x15 is 77 GI which may be a bit extreme for a reasonably green rider.

shakes fist damn you mathematics!

i;m using that exact ring on my bike, had no problems with it.

for the money, you cant go wrong

I’m assuming there was some soryt of manufacturing fault as I have strong legs but not hydraulic rams.