Cheap 15mm Spanner...

Apparently this fella cuts a Snap-On 13mm/15mm spanner in half, doesn’t need the 15mm bit any more so they’re polished up and sold for $1. Snap-On tools ain’t cheap, but this is a good wrench for the rolling toolkit…


yes i will. thanks.

Good buying I just bought one thanks for the link.
I hope 90mm gives enough leverage haha!


I did something similar a coupla years back. Ebayed a sidchrome 15mm spanner($10), one end open other end ring.
Took it into the council w/shop and got one of the boys to cut it in half and round the ends for me. ringy for the tool kit, and open end is a pedal spanner.
Look of horror on the mechanic’s face when I asked him to cut up a perfectly good spanner were gold.

90mm is pretty short though isnt it? I guess good enough to get you home/nearest bike shop.

Yeah, the plan is to have something small enough to fit a seat bag or jersey pocket to use for on the road repairs.

After getting my 15mm taken off me by airport security… I have now found my replacement.

90mm is indeed short, but perfect for backpack. also because its a ring spanner, you can apply more force without being too concern about it slipping off.

Once you factor in postage, you’re probably better off heading to your local tool shop (BJ Bearings etc) and grabbing a 15mm ‘stubby’ spanner, ring / box ends, chrome plated, fits in jerseys/seatbags nicely.

You can get them so cheap locally, i dont see the point of getting it online.

Ah shit now you tell me!
It’s a quality tool though. You won’t find something this nice for the same price (even though it has admittedly been sawed in half!)

Bit of a thread dig, but thought someone else might find this handy.

Picked up a set of stubby spanners from Bunnings, $12 for 7 spanners which includes the all important 15mm. Perfect for the toolkit.