cheap 650c w/flipflop a good way to get into fixed

Hi! Im new to the forum
-hoorah! boo newbie opinion-
!!!=-2x650c w/flipflop frontbrake riser bars-=!!!

I have been looking at getting into fixed for a few years now but the market doesnt have the sort of bike i want in the right price range. 2nd hand wld be even better but i am prepaired to buy new if neccesary. Note that i come form a bmx background as such my ss is a 24bmx. i like the torquey feelig of riding a bike with smaller wheels. incidently i do have a 700c roadie but its not as reliable as i would like. which only drives me further. i guess what i really want is a fast road bmx that i can ride fixed.

i have looked on the hillbrick website and theres a 650 track but there alot of mods to make it what i want and all of that costs dollars.

i welcome your thoughts & opinions

Make it easier and just get something that is fixed with 700’s and all should be sweet. When it’s fixed I find its torquey any way, so not sure (ignorance speaking here) if a 650 will really make that much difference.

I also ride a single speed MTB for those times that I wanna go cut gutters, drop stuff and generally haul with the BMX mentality, but on the fixed it’s speed and spinning.

I can hop on the fixed if I really, really have to, but a lot of the time it freaks me the fuck out as the balance is sooooo different to freewheel.

Talk to this dude, offers :slight_smile:,6447.0.html

thanks for suggesting my post nevo. yeh im open to a reasonable offer if you like what you see. I didnt pay for it so i dont really mind. anything reasonable will do. I know the worth of this bike, i just dont want to give it away too cheap. The price im after is close to what you’ll pay for a brand new lager (model below)… but my PB is a much nicer bike (and you can unpeel off that fancy stickers off unlike those newer fixies they sell off the shelf).