Cheap Campagnolo

Campagnolo Omega / Record Wheelset:

Campagnolo 50t chainring:

That chainring is 3/32 no good says sensai!

Well, 3/32 is what all the cool kids use these days. Lighter weight and an odd fraction with a larger denominator - much cooler than 1/8 :mrgreen:.

But if you use 3/32 you need a 3/32 chain and i snap 3/32 chains on my fixie thats why there no good. On a Velodrome track bike i would agree!

Your using the wrong chain.

i dont put 1/8 chains on 3/32 as it rolls side to side. sounds shit

i use a i/8 izumie 5 chain on my 3/32 shimano 600 chain ring and it smooooth as silk, runs awesome.

although if you dont cheak your chain tention regularly it tends to pop off if it gets loose and you like doing big skids down steep hills

i love eating skid for breakfast.

You’ve snapped multiple 3/32 chains? Something wrong here.

agreed, if that’s happening 3/32" isn’t your problem. I have a connex 8sp 3/32 that’s now on its third bike in as many years.

the shitty links have broken when i was running down a hill and that was a good brand. Dont use tension on the chain as it wears out the bottom bracket (only as tight as i can pull it by hand), i have it loose like keo off macaframa if you have seen it. The play is fine with me and my 1/8 chain has never come off my 1/8 chainrings.

The title of this thread is a bit of a contradiction… :expressionless: