Cheap double toe straps

Lots of people are after these things and I found some on an e-Bayers site that’s not on eBay (you know what I mean, he sells on eBay but has his own site he sells through too).

Anyway - I have bough a few things from him and he is good for cheap bits. He is also the guy with all the gold parts that showed up on eBay about a month ago.

Just thought I’d share.

Cheap toe clips for doubles too. Good find!

Also lovely coloured tyres for all those that way inclined.

I got ones that look very similar to those from Chari & Co. in New York last month. But I paid $30US. If they’re the same, they’re okay, bit stiff and they look like they may delaminate pretty quickly (I’ve only been riding with them for just over a week), but still for $25 for doubles, it’s a damn good price.

Wonder what the Brooks-esque leather saddles that he sells are like.

I got the ones off that site and they’re stiff and delaminated pretty quickly, but you can’t complain for $25.

I would have gotten their toe clips as well but I’m pretty sure they only have one size.


Vinnie’s pretty decent to deal with, IME super-quick with postage.

I hope no one minds me bumping this, but in the search for information on double straps I came across this. Are the UrbanVelo double straps worth it? I’m looking at paying $80-100 for a pair what can I get in the price range? Will they be significantly better than the UrbanVelo ones?

Would this wheelset be trustworthy for a beater?