Cheap fat bike - new

Most people here would know Cycling Deal, didn’t realise they had these.

Not sure about this 190mm rear hub of which they speak.
Square taper BB with Lasco cranks - meh, but it is cheap.

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pitty about the geo though 1092.867mm wheelbase, puhleeeeez.
everyone knows bikes witha wheelbase longer than 1092.865mm handle like shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Do some Melbourne folks wanna go shares in a 17"?

It’ll be like a co-op fat bike share scheme, I think this is how bikes are owned in russia?

there can be a google calender for booking it etc…

I like your thinking. Just not sure if I’m that into this particular bike. Hmm…

Once you go fat……

I always thought fat bikes were stupid till I rode the norco the other day and I now want one

There is a rock garden in Daisy Hill state forest that can be a bit tricky. We took a borrowed Surly fat bike in one day and we were doing figure 8’s up and down and all over it like it was nothing. Great fun, could not stop laughing.