cheap gyms?

can anyone recommend a gym with a cheap single visit rate around collingwood?

i would like to become huge.

Visions ob Burwood Rd Hawthorn.
Not sure what the single rate, is but a yearly membership is only about $320.
Plus you can get fitter by riding there and back each visit :wink:

High St Northcote has one thats about $5 per visit. It’s ok.
I just joined Richard Bransons latest empire: Virgin Fitness. Opening in June on Bourke st and its PIMP!
4 weeks minimum commitment. Not cheap but all the perks make it worth it for me.

what’s the ballpark cost? shits me how those gyms refuse to give you any indication of what it costs until you’re actually sitting in front of their membership “consultants”. 4 week minimum commitment seems pretty reasonable. Even my local, council run gym has 6 month minimum. Jerks.

ok, the start up membership is normally $150 but you can sign up now before they open for $10.
4 week minimum commitment, from memory its about $23 a week.
They have 2 pools, free internet/computers, rockclimbing wall, 150 classes per week included and more. Check out their web site, it looks more like a resort spa. Should be nice. I’m planning on going for winter (3 or 4 months).

If you would like to become huge why do you care about a single visit rate?

Go 3 to 5 times a week, lift a lot of weight, eat chikin

times a thousand

i would like to become huge.

forget it, just use the nasal spray.

When you look like this I want first date, sweety

Do you like Steve Reeves movies?

thats a pretty good rate, but a bit far for me… though perhaps could work it into ride home…

nice. will check that one out.

lol, don’t really want to become huge. i do some training at home, so just need a gym for things i can’t do at home (mainly leg work).

cutie pie, when i look like that, you can have a whole lot more than a first date :wink:

Getting Huge (no matter which body part) will most likely require more than single visits!


Learn to love Squats!