Cheap Ken?

Can’t quite see any ‘K’ pantos, but looks legit.

Vintage Ken Evans Road bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Stirling Area - Innaloo

seen quite a few Ken’s with this paint, and lugs look tidy, as we’ve found out on here, his earlier ones weren’t panto’d. great buying here for WA peeps

Looks like something is on the crown. Can’t zoom in though. Dudes phones not ringing either.

yup panto’d fork… really like this paint classic Ken

texted and emailed last night, no reply =(

either i was too slow or fingers crossed hes just out of town or something.

I zoomed. Through the pixels I can just make out what looks like a ‘k’ on the fork crown and stay caps

if only this was bigger…

you don’t want a road frame hamish…

Looks awesome. Would have bought if I was still over there. U less Jase/Bart beat me to it.

Jase beats everyone to anything 56

let the team down last night, 39 views before i saw it =(

A sweet cheap ride for my two months a year in Perth woulda been nice though


so you got it?

Story goes he used to own a bike shop in QLD, had this built for him, had to choose between columbus SL or 531, he went for SL. Moved to perth and has been sitting in his shed for the last 15 years. mid 80s, ill email ken with the serial.

do you know if it’s a Ken Evans built Ken? or maybe Mal McPherson built Ken given it’s QLD provenance?

great score regardless, love the paint.

my Mal McPherson built Ken has fast become the favourite ride of my six bikes.

guy says Ken, but ill have to check properly.