Cheap PACONI - Melb (Ending soon)

Vintage PACONI Columbus EL Oversize SHIMANO 600 Road BIKE | eBay

Bargain it went for.

is it just me or is the value of aussie road bikes, ken , paconi etc plateauing at $400 or below these days?
They were fetching 5 to 6 hunj awhile back , but seem to have stalled a little.

Strong $AUD = most aussies buying Euro frames from overseas. Aussie frames can be just as good (or better) but don’t carry the cache or cool factor.

Geeze that’s cheap, would have expected a much higher price. Must be the carbon tax.

Funnily enough, being a Euro in Oz I’ve ended up with three Aussie bikes in my garage, bit unintentional but they don’t seem to get the attention they deserve sometimes.

A nice classic looking Paconi will still get $600+ on the bay. But one like that, with the ugg 90s aero tubing ain’t gonna be a crowd pleaser. That thing is as ugly as a Kennedy.

+1 so, so ,so ugly.