Cheap PAUL Touring Cantis

Accepted $70 each, has black or silver. Not sure if he’d accept any cheaper (maybe tho?).

If you have a MUSA boner, go mad, but really, Tektro CR710s are $70/pair posted. Better brake, come with cartridge pads, built in barrel adjuster, don’t use a stupid spring preload system, don’t sit cantilevered further out on the stud, are trivial to setup and are easy to attach a rack to without having to buy more stupid bolts that also jack the rack way out there in space.

But that’s just, like, my opinion man.


This is all good. But these do also have a use (and additionally, look good), CR720’s etc do stick out fairly wide from the side, so there are some functional elements too - my leg fouls the CR720’s when I stand upright on the pedals for example.

Not saying everyone should buy them, but they are well priced, as compared to other retailers. I am sure people here will be interested - considering a used set sold here a day or so ago for $150.

Everyone can relax now.


Still ugly.

so are pauls, each to their own.