Cheap Pete Bundy - 50cm

get on it shawty

Peter Bundy 50cm Track Bike 48T-14T | eBay

If it wasn’t pick up only I would have snatched this up so fast.

Probably a good thing that you didn’t snap this up GenericHipster (if you were after a small frame). Despite the listing, the frame measures a 55cm top tube, and something like a 54cm seat tube, noting that the top tube angle. Fitted with a nice set of Sugino 75, 165 cranks, 48T Sugino 75 NJS chainring.

Spoke to Bundy today, and being a lugless frame built with Tange aero tubing, traces it back to 1990-1992, built by Geoff Scott after he left Clarence Street Cycles, and started building for Bundy at Yenora.

nice pick up B1!

another one in the bag for the FOA boys, good work B1.

Dodged a bullet there I guess, now that I look at the photo again where the TT meets the ST is way to high above the rear wheel to a 50cm.