Cheap quill stem for 25.4?

This question may have been asked before, but I’ve missed it. Does anyone know of a cheap quill stem that’ll take 25.4 mtb bars? I just need something basic so I can swap out my track drops nice’n’easy.

$17 cheap enough?

Maybe I’ll clarify and mention I want something cheap, but I’ll pay a little extra if it’s not ugly as all hell, haha.

A lot of old road bikes (80’s Repcos and the like) have 25.4mm quill stems. My girlfriend has one on her fixed and it fits her risers perfectly. I have no idea where it came from, but no doubt it was off of an old road bike. Maybe go check out where you can get cheap bikes (garage sales etc). You’ll get a whole bike for $15!

I’ve got a swag of these:

Too ugly for you?

what an ugly stumpy little stem, is it cold?

is it cold? dunno. that’s particular one’s gettin’ some Blakey love.

My shameful secret’s out.

(using ‘ugly as a bag of hammers’ removeable faceplate stems to trial different bike fits)

it looks like it just got out of the pool if you know what i mean

I’m afraid so, haha. My bike’s a little too nice to throw a welded monstrosity on there.

I guess I’ll just have to go rip something off a tip bike. Unfortunately the Cinelli stem I have kicking around is of the larger diameter.

This ebay guy has cheap kalloy stems that aren’t hideous.

Shim it up.

Cheers, I’ll try find out what size they are.

I could probably shim it but I’d like to avoid it if it’s possible to get something that fits. I’m really not a fan of shims.

or you can get these for $20 at Abbotsford cycles

I’m in Hobart, so that’s not really an option.