cheap set of dts...

ver cheap

DT Swiss Wheels | eBay

I just had to order a spoke and nipples and a tool for these tricon wheels today, honestly I’d steer clear, spokes are threaded at both ends, two different tools required, plus spokes at about a bazillion nm, if you buy em don’t ever busy them.

I could even guess that the mismatched nature of these wheels is because rear was too expensive to repair and a replacement has been used, and possibly now the wiping of the hands…

i agree with everything you have said. except, if you ignore his writing and just look at the pictures, neither of those are tricons(wouldn’t have bothered posting it if they were). you are getting a set of 240 hubs for $199, not bad.

and the rims are mis matched because dt rims are cheese and the mon chas rims all failed on the back. they made white 1.1s for a while

Well I stand corrected, I just read the description, who’d have thought