Cheap single speed Sunday bike


WTF is that on top of the bars?

Spent $4,500 on it but used a cheap, red chain. Classy!

This is such a shirts bike,

what a piece of shit. Looks like it has been left outside in the rain between sunday 35km cafe loops.

Also looks like some sort of ipod dock/stereo thing on the bars…

A Fred’s fantasy bike, no doubt.

It’s got TT track ends, why not find a magic gear & ditch the tensioner.

Old mate would definitely be the sickest ₪₪₪₪ in Accounts Receivable

Why try an sell a bike for 3000 bucks and not replace the 40$ lever

Night vision goggles…

What’s with the “open” quick releases on the brakes?

…don’t need brakes