Cheap Viner

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i asked him how much to ship to melbourne
his response
“no idea”

The cheapest shipping ive found is e-go couriers if of drop and pick up from their depot its 50% off
if you do a drop or a pick up at one end its 25% off.
I dropped a bike to their depot shipped to tas from sunshine coast it cost $39 and he picked up from his local depot.

If you really really want a bike ship find a bike shop close to the location, call them and ask if they box up bikes and for how much.WHile you’re at it ask them for the dimensions of the box. Usually a boxed steel bike will weigh 13-15kg.

Then ask the seller if they are willing to drop the bike in town.

Then look on an online shipping company (transdirect, etc etc etc) and put in the dimensions, weight, buyers and sellers postcode. Viola, you now know how much it will cost.
Put yourself in the seller’s position- you have around 5-10 emails saying “how much will it cost to post”. If you are a bit proactive and organise these things they will be more inclined to take you seriously.

i guess, but if i was the seller i’d be a bit more proactive myself if i had a viner going with no bids on it
valid point though