Cheap Vivalo

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Bought this Bike a couple of years back for riding around when i go to rottnest

Been very enjoyable to ride but im moving interstate and won’t be needing it anymore

I dont know that much about the bike but ill give what information i can and you can message me with any questions about it

Bike is in good condition overall, small scratches to the paint work & the vivalo emblem on the front of the frame has peeled off

Also the tubes are getting a bit old and dont hold air for more than a month

Vivalo Special Frame

Pearl 9 Gooseneck/Handle bars

Frame Measures roughly 80cm between the top & bottom tube

Nitto Seat Post & Kashimax Seat

UKAI 700x25C rims

Sugino <45> Mighty Competition Crankset Japan

Message me if you need anymore info or txt me a reasonable offer :slight_smile:

I messaged him and he says I could buy it for $400.

Worth lots more then that I reckon. Shame it’s to small for me…

If i buy this can anyone ship it to me?

Already onto it. Spoken to him and trying to get relatives to pick it up. Hopefully eplacing the colossi which I got doored on last week, until I get the real replacement.

You should have bought it and parted it out like your Colnago. You would have made $400 on the frame alone.

  • I could have bought the kashimax saddle off you. Need a padded NJS saddle for my Bridgestone. The NJS saddle I’ve got is bare plastic :frowning:

The padded one is no better.

Done and done. Price went up as he got a few calls I think. Still a good deal. Measures 54 sq so he says.

Yeah I was considering that, but I have no time.

I pm’d you drozzy, probably to late… another one to the mafia

Thanks for the heads up aerobloke. Hoping one of my relatives flys over this way soon so I don’t have to ship it.

He said it was up to 480 and kept asking for more. I gave up.

I spoke to him twice and it went from 450 to 500. I told him 480 was fair and he agreed. Don’t think he had a clue.

Ha ha clown! 54sq is perfect size ha ha. Looks that way anyway. Looks like DA 1st gen hubs too!

Did he say how he came into it? Sounds a bit suss…

No problem, If it was my size it would be mine. He had no idea at all…

Seems odd that he would have an njs frame/parts just to ride around a Holiday Island…


very suss to me.

Gooseneck always screams someone that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Wouldn’t be suprised if it was stolen.

Yeah I would only do PayPal or cash on pick up

Getting picked up to tonight, thanks HLC.

The guy ‘bought it at a second hand store years ago… used it twice, put it in the shed’…

Hubs are Suntour Professional, not DA first gen as I first thought. Couple of pics!

54cm ctc Top Tube, 53.5cm ctc Seat Tube

Hell yeah ghetttto!