Checking for cracks in carbon forks / alu frame etc

I’ve got an older (2004) litespeed which has carbon forks (carbon steerer).
On the way to work i went over some bluestone cobble speedhumps and heard a loud crack/pop sound. A few years ago the same thing happened only i hit one of those silly steel plates they put on the road when doing work (theyre about 1cm thick and i wasnt able to bunnyhop onto it)
Back then i pulled the fork and checked it all out, it seemed ok.
Today the crack noise happened a few times over various bumps etc

I’ll basically pull all non essentials off the bike (garmin mount, rear light, bottle cages etc) Also plan on checking the front hub as they are fairly new wheels so i’ll make sure theres no sideways movement

I guess i’d also like to know is there a good way to check for cracked carbon? I’m kinda paranoid about the forks failing given the noises i heard this morning.