Cheering for Belgium in the World Cup

Cheering so fukkin hard. I only ever watch this game once every 4 years. And even then its mostly a boring disappointment. But Belgium have been so fukkin good to watch. Them and Senegal. Well Senegal have gone so Go Belgium.

The fact that they are the home of Merckx and Tom helps.

Sorry mate it’s coming home.

I haven’t watched a minute of it, but kinda want England to win. I’ve got a pommy neighbour who is pretty into the whole thing and it’d be nice for him.

Who cares about your neighbour! Think of how happy my father in law will be when Croatia wins!


Go 'Straya! Oh, wait…

This one.

It left home for a reason. It is definitely not going back.

The real winner of this World Cup is SBS.

[video]Rick & morty - go football - YouTube

Come on football!

I don’t know your father in law.

Don’t lie - the amount of times I talked about him when I lived with them for nearly 2 years.

All I really know is he loves the TV turned up loud.

Merckx &
Beer &
Frites &

Gareth Southgate to heal a divided nation, JC to become PM by Monday to welcome the lads home.

Then you know him as much as I do.

c’mon Croatia!!

The only thing that is coming home from Europe is everyone with a British citizenship cos you’ll fucked up with Brexit.

Next question.

I’m currently holding a UK passport. And my last name is Juricevich.

So I’m guaranteed to win and lose today.

Happy father in law! Yes!


I am going to milk this bandwagon for all its worth.