Chelsea velodrom in the

Does anyone have experience of riding the Chelsea velodrome when it is wet.

It doesn’t have much banking, but I want to get an idea of whether it would be dangerous to train on it in the wet, by myself.

I have no experience, but try it slowly and give it a shot

Na its all good. I ride there regularly. You in the local area?? i live in frankston would be good to go for a ride… theres not many trackies down this part of the world

Thanks for the replies guys!

I didn’t think it would be a problem. The triathletes are probably a bigger risk.

Single1: I’m local-ish. I live down past Hastings and do most of my training on the road out near Somers. I was using the Chelsea track before work (in the city) a bit during the summer, until I injured myself. Now ready to start training again - but generally I need to train early so it kind of fits with getting to and from work. Hadn’t considered doing afternoons, but might be able to do the odd early knock off from work. Mostly standing start type work. I don’t like using a road bike for this in traffic. Almost everything else I’m happy enough to do on the road.

DISC is great if you live centrally. But for those like me that live a good drive from any velodrome, it seems a pity DISC has sucked some of the life from many suburban tracks.