Chinese New Gear 2010


Event: Chinese New Gear
Type: Multiple Stage Scenic Ride
Prizes: Yes - many prizes up for grabs…!!!

Date: Saturday Feb 27 2010
Time: 7pm
Bring: Helmet, lights, bell, pen, bag


Erik has a fantastic shop with bikes, parts, accessories and some sweet clothing - also provides great service to interstate and overseas customers. Make sure you visit the website to see the gear available.

Brother Espresso is a family owned and operated specialty coffee house. Brother Espresso makes for an ideal meeting place delivering great espresso and healthy food.

Brisbane Outdoor Gear designs and manufactures customisable products for use in the outdoors. We believe in hard wearing gear, local communities, and the environment.

With its origins in Brisbane over 20 years ago, Velocity specialise in manufacturing high quality bicycle wheels and other accessories and are importers of other great brands like Cane Creek and Aerospoke. Velocity products are available from most good bike shops.

The Fyxomatosis website has become a daily read for most of us, not only can you get a laugh, be inspired to try something new, drool over some fantastic bikes (and photography) but also pick up some fantastic chainrings, frames, parts, clothing and more!.

Skin Grows Back was started in 2006 from a need for Australian made, reasonably priced Bicycle Courier Bags and accessories. Their aim is to provide products that make life on the road easier as well as being durable and functional. They are a web based company and are 100% Australian made by either themselves or other Australian manufacturers.

CELL Bikes is one of Australia’s leading online sellers of bicycles and accessories. CELL are an Australian owned and operated brand. All of their bikes are designed by them, in-house. Cell Bikes was established with the aim to give consumers the best deal and offer a great selection of bikes and great accessories.

Meeting place and time: 7pm near the base of the Wheel of Brisbane, if you have a bike and ask nicely you will be details of start location and time… :slight_smile:

If you would like to help out on the night, let me know as I will need some helpers…

note: no children or dragons were harmed in the creation of this flyer

jamie has already won it. he is the only one who knows how to ride dragons.

Is there any form of opium consumption involved? “riding the green dragon” whilst riding your fixie in the valley like you stole it could result in a fun night :roll:

Its called “chasing the dragon”. Dunno bout riding in the valley during CNY… Def not doing lions this year thank f*** its too much hard work. May join in if not suffering massive retardation seeing theres time to get used to things :slight_smile:

Yeah the valley is packed for the whole week but that just raises the fun factor - I’m definitely keen for some large scale pedestrian ten pin

makes it challenging to find the fastest route that is for sure…

update: 1st sponsor on board… you’ll never guess…

Gear Shop Brisbane!!!

thanks Erik for your ongoing support (as always)… poster now updated…

This will be awesome!


New Sponsors

  • Brother Espresso
  • Brisbane Outdoor Gear

thanks Luke and Dave for your continued support of brisbane events…

Make sure you guys continue to support these businesses that support us. Original post and flyer has been updated with their details.


Course is mapped out and is currently being tested by a few guys - 29 km (if you ride straight), 20 checkpoints, should be fun…

wow. insane.


word im down!

(or up?)

either way ill be bringing it girl styles from the m-burn

the legend stories i heard about cupcakes at bris rides better be true gypo

Don’t worry, they’ll be there.

Mrs Ant has been informed. Seasonal produce will dictate what variety get pumped out of our kitchen. :sunglasses:

Is she open to requests?

More of those not-sausage-sausage-rolls?

Seriously multi-stage allycat would be sweet.

those faux sausage rolls were amazing.
excited about this cat!

Same night, got the elusive tickets. Say no more.

Will see what we can do!

Lucky I got the Thursday night tickets instead.

Alrighty I need a couple of volunteers to help me on the night PLUS I also want you to do a test run in the next coupla weeks to test the course for difficulty and accuracy. PM me if you’re keen to help out and we’ll hook up. First in.

me me me… pm’d