Chris Chance IF track

Hot dam

Custom Built Chris Chance Fixed Gear Bike Bicycle 56 cm Extremely RARE | eBay

want, quite very badly.

Built under Independent Fabrication, as a one off by Chris Chance

Huh? Indy Fab was formed by ex employees of Chris Chance when he took Fat City Cycles production to NY. I don’t think he would have made a frame for IF while Fat Chance was still operating.

I’d be interested to know what the serial number is. Is it an IF that the guy is trying to pass off as something more special? Or a Chris Chance? Or is it as described? Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Don’t want at all, this thing is ugly.

Maybe the frame is nice but that’s as fair as the whole build goes in regards to looks. Whoever put together the component list should go back to rollerblading or some other sport lacking in equipment.

Does nothing for me,



is this better

Chris Chance Pista that was actually built for roller racing… has a slacker HT angle

i do like the segmented road fork that Fat City Cycles used on their MTBs

I can understand why folks might not like the OP bike (though personally I think the segmented fork is rad! As is the rest of the frame) but it’s about history and lineage and all that, admittedly wanky, stuff. There are a lot of amazing framebuilders who learned their craft from Chris and that makes his frames something kinda special.

Should really have said: “learned their craft from Chris, or from people who learned from Chris”

id love to see an australian version of that flow chart, ie how many builders learnt from other builders to branch off etc.

FYI, Peter Verdone built that bike in '91 while he was working under Chris at fat city cycles.

Blakey is there a thread elsewhere on it???

I’m pretty sure you want to marry this guy

Hell no, he’s a cranky mofo

Ha! The grand daddy of them all! Nobody above him, not other inputs to fat city.