Chris King Ceramic bottom bracket

Thought Chris King’s outboard bearing system was a sell-out? What about this:

Chris King Debuts Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket - Bike Rumor

And cheap too at only $200.00

Excuse my ignorance, but I kinda thought Chris King wouldn’t produce something faddy like this.

Having said that, I AM impressed by Ritchey’s reinvention of the ahead stem:

Tom Ritchey was with us for Scottweek, riding all of us into the ground day after day. Turns out he wasn’t just on hand to embarrass us, he also had a new toy to show off.

In his words, his product design is born from either him or his sponsored riders needing a better product. His new C260 stem comes from market pressures, everyone saying “Tom, you need a carbon stem!”

“The problem is, no one’s truly doing a carbon fiber stem properly,” said Ritchey. “As people were trying to make carbon stems and not making any real improvements, people were making aluminum ones that were testing 3x and 4x stronger than anything made before.

“The old single-bolt stem is still the best because it holds the bar the best (by cradling the bar inside a single piece). The new ones with removable faceplates are great for swapping out your bar, but they’re never as good as the original single bolt design. As I was heading down the path of creating a carbon stem, I found that putting four bolts in the front of a carbon stem and you’re inviting disaster.”

Turns out, the “C” in C260 doesn’t actually stand for “Carbon” and the new stem is, in fact, alloy. Hit ‘more’ and get the scoop and tons of photos…

2012 Ritchey Logic C260 alloy stem at just 100g

“Now, with everyone moving to the larger 31.8 diameter bars, it’s allowed us to create a pseudo-single bolt design because we can do an overlapping mounting section and use only a 4mm bolt because so much of the pressure is taken off the bolts.”

The new C260 and is a 100g stem that’s testing 3x to 4x stronger than any previous Ritchey stem because they’re using a new generation Alcoa alloy and because of the new design. Not only is it stronger, it’s stiffer, giving you more control. The rear uses a three-bolt, radius slot clamp design, meaning the slit is crescent moon shaped.

i am going to go the other way and say ritcheys stem is a waste of time and the king ceramic bb is pron.

the bolt design is great in solving a problem that doesn’t exist, my two bolt thomson has never let a bar slip. neither has the POS 4 bolt thing that invariably gets put on all my beater bikes. three bolts on the back is the same, it just make adjusting more fiddly.

ceramics on the other hand are cool and make your unloaded cranks spin forever. :stuck_out_tongue: i personally run ceramics and i like them over standard shimano bbs. although shimanos do last longer.