Chris King headset or alternative?

I need a good quality 1 inch threaded headset. It would be good if it’s sealed as it needs to survive winter riding.
Now Chris King makes the Gripnut and 2Nut threaded headsets which are obviously the benchmark for quality. My understanding is that the 2Nut is able to handle spacers, while the Gripnut version can’t- any further thoughts on which one is better?

Lastly, are there any alternatives to Chris King which might be slightly cheaper?
I am using a Shimano 600 headset on another frame which works nicely, however they don’t make them anymore.

Cheers, Horatio

as a vague aside, when i was in abbotsford cycles looking through their box of headsets a couple of months ago, they had a new 600, might still be there…

How old is the 600 headset? Later 600 headsets are sealed cartridge bearings. If so, keep your 600 headset and maybe get new bearings if necessary.

Or, just get a 1" headset and be done with it.

I think you’re assuming a much bigger difference in headset quality than actually exists.

BTW, I’ve got a 2Nut headset in the cupboard but you can’t have that :slight_smile:

Can I buy it off you? :stuck_out_tongue:

i have 2 gripnut CKs. got them second hand for pretty cheap. they’re good, but i doubt i’d drop the bux on a new one.

Sure. It costs USD124 :slight_smile:

Meh, isn’t that the Aspirevelotech price?

You seem to have an awful lot of bling components ‘sitting in the cupboard’… :wink:


Yes. I’ve been hoarding them waiting for the hipster revolution. But unfortunately, modern hipsters don’t have either the money or the good sense to buy quality parts :wink:

I’ve also got a NOS 600 cartridge headset but that’s probably also USD124 :wink:

If you want to stop your headset getting manky in winter, run fenders. There is no other solution.

Is there an industrial source for Shimano 600/Ult/STX/DA sealed cartridge headset bearings? Shimano replacement cost approaches a CK headset.

You could look for a Stronglight tapered needle bearing h’set. Also out of production.

This is probably your best bet though:

Or, if that’s too hard, buy a cheap headset, pack it with marine bearing grease, overhaul in Spring.

OK. I’ve never had to replace them. I replaced a crap headset on a MTB once. I’ve never actually worn out a headset on any other bikes.

When I raced BMX I ran a small neoprene cuff around the bottom cup of the headset. I think Lizard skins made them, it worked a treat. Couldn’t be too hard to make one your self, It was just a rectangle about 30mm x 60mm of neoprene with velcro on each end, wrap it round and away you go.

It’s great that you can just drop the cart bearings out and replace them, but the cost is prohibitive. I managed to keep a pair alive for a while longer with an extended ultrasonic bath in shellite to try and drive out oil/grit, followed by another bath in light oil to relube. Worked… sort of. At least with loose ball you just replace all for a dollar or two.

Haven’t worn one out? You mustn’t turn/wobble enough. :smiley:

Stop press, friend of mine is giving me a FSA Duron threaded headset so all is sorted thankyou.
Hopefully it’s durable- the FSA has ‘needle’ bearings whatever that means.

Needle bearings are not round balls, they’re like rotating cylinders.

I think…if needle bearings are the same as roller bearings. If not, Blakey will correct me very soon.

Correct on needle bearings. They are like small cylinders.

Should be. Needle = small roller bearings, better load distribution, esp important for lower race. (Same as Stronglight & Shimano 600) See my bearing post from last week.

Or you can just cut a slice from an appropriately sized inner tube (I found a 1.5 - 2" mtb tube was perfect for my 1"threaded headset).
Of course I’m, sure pro roadies would be horrified with the “seal drag” this solution will cause :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i’ve seen this done with considerable success in cold wet places (pacific NW and snowy places) where the salt/grit can destroy your headset.

real roadies are out training all winter in any condition, on a dual braked fixed gear, and came up with solutions like this… but i agree, those stay-at-home, ride-to-the-race types would think of any excuse to complain :roll: