Christ church -> Akoroa

So mid august a mate is getting married there.

I’ll be wife and kid free, so I want to try make it a mini adventure.

I’ve floated the idea of sending the suit with a mate and riding down and back.
Google tells me there is a rail trail nearly the whole way and that it’s gunna be dam cold.
It also tells me it will be drizzle but mostly clear.

But, it doesn’t give me much of an idea if I can ninja camp along the way. Flight lands at 2.30pm. So I’ll be not to far out of Christchurch before dark. (5.46pm is sunset)

Anything else I should know? Talk me into or out of it. This is my first trip to NZ.

It’s fucking ace

Reckon it’ll be pretty cold! There are some campsites in the area on this map:

Thank you! Assuming I clear customs by 3.30. I should reach the first camp by dark.

It’s NZ you can’t go wrong.

I’ve ridden to akaroa from CHCH multiple times.

I’ll put some more info tonight

So, I’d ride the rail trail out to little river the first day, camp in okuti valley, then climb up out of okuti valley on kinloch Rd onto bossu Rd (dirt) and drop into wainui and round the bays to akaroa.

The ride back to CHCH can be a bit more adventurous, climb out of akaroa on long valley road then drop into okains Bay and then Bay hop North west on gravel roads, to little akaloa, pigeon bay, port levy and finally purau, get on the ferry from diamond harbor to Lyttleton and ride/ walk up the bridle path, then if the MTB park is open again you can ride around the summit road and ride down the trails to CHCH, or just bomb straight down the bridle path or rapaki track.

That involves a bit of climbing, but you can cut some out by not dropping into every bay on day two.

The summit road from Little River to akaroa is tight, Windy and busy and I’d avoid it.

Awesome. Thanks man.

Ninja camps along the way ok? Or should I be aiming for campgrounds?

There isn’t much cover along the rail trail TBH, its flat open farm/estuary/marsh, but you could hobo camp at the shelter at Motukarara.

I’d reccomend try making it to Little River and stay at the campground at Okuiti Valley or book a place at the Pub.

It’d less than 60kms to Little River from the Airport.

I’ll post a link to an idea of a route this weekend.

Here’s an idea of a route.

Can cut out some climbing by not dropping into Okains bay.

Also, if it’s windy/raining riding along the ridges, esp. Bossu road can be freezing

Priceless. Thanks man.

Hopefully I can get the legs/heart up to that much climbing for the return leg.