Christ on a bike

“The Family” page made me want to vom.

Nobr akes, nore tention. You’re in god’s hands.

100% vegn
godb less

i hope those tattoos are vegan.


“…this one time, at band camp…”

Q) What’s the VEGAN deal?
A) We are an entirely vegan company. Not only are
all of our employees vegan, but so are all of our

Who the hell makes meat bikes?

Q) Who makes your frames?
A) Taiwan… Just like every other bike company :slight_smile:

So they’re produced with high CO2 emissions and low wages. So I guess not killing an animal outweighs climate change in the battle for sustainability. Fucking hypocrites.

oh the staff profiles, this is going to be a good morning at work!

didn’t BSNYC have a laff at this a while back.
pure stoops. “i love sweet tats, epic vegan burritos, FGBs and jesus”
ha ha, no need for brakes when the lord is riding on your footpegs!

…Emphasis is particularly placed on the attractive part by offering people the ability to customize their very own bikes. This lead to people developing a stronger affinity and joy for riding outside.

evil and ugly bikes only permitted to be ridden in the house.

So the gallery pics are so, so close being theFixFixFix, but you know, without their boobs showing.

But it’s almost the same thing.

thank you for notifying me of this valuable resource.