Christmas Carnivals (VIC)

Christmas Carnivals between Chrissie and New Years.

26 - Boort Boxing Day Crits
27 - Wimmera Wheelrace
28 - Ladies Diamond Stakes (not sure where this is)
29 - Central Goldfield Carnival
30 - Bendigo Christmas Carnival.
31 - Shep Roller Derby

Whose Interested?

Make a bit of a road trip of it. Bring the ladies - go to some wineries.

Make sure we are back in Melbourne or whereever for new years.

I am a maybe for these. If anything, I would like to do the Wimmera Race. Then I can go head to head against my old man…

Is there a madison maybe? hehe

I’m looking at the 27th and the 28th as I have a Bucks do to organise on the 29th.

A madison would be sic.