Chrome Michalo

I decided to take some nicer pictures today. This is my bike, I ride it around.

looks awesome from… way over here

Looks great, details please!

closer pic from level with the bike?

But this is pretty much what I’d want out of a fixed gear, steel, b43’s, but probably rizorz

PC wallpaper size would be good!

I’ve still got the grainy vid of you doing impressive skidz on that bike from five? years ago.

Post that shit up snowflake, everyone should post shit of others without their permission.

Grainy vid or it didn’t happen!

not my choice of wheels for such a gorgeous bike, but a gorgeous bike none the less.

and i still super <3 double crown forks

I’ve added a better shot to illustrate the whole bike. I didn’t put it in originally because I didn’t like the framing. Scroll up and refresh.

Re the wheels: Perhaps not classic to match the rest of the bike, but they were from another build. The original Mavic’s broke, and so I put these on. I wasn’t sure at first, but, it is now very close to my idea of perfection. Perfection would be Phil hubs and bar ends :stuck_out_tongue:

B43’s, Campag crankset & chainring, Campag seatpost, Odyssey pedals, BO Gear Strapons, generic hubs.

Re the grainy video - Pretty sure by todays standards those skids are far from impressive. Perhaps we can shoot it again Snowflake? :wink:

Annndd, if anyone wants PC wallpaper size I can do it. Just tell me what photo, and what dimensions.

Yeah I thought of that and I’d probably agree. But that was then…and this is now :slight_smile:

So I guess we didn’t mangle those pedals too much then? They seem to be in one piece still :slight_smile: