Chromeo - My shiny beauty

Chromeo is actually the name of my bike, rather than me.

Avocet 40R saddle
Profile Design bullhorns
Shimano 600 cranks
Shimano 105 spd-sl pedals
42x16 gearing
Wheels are Velocity Aeros (36 at the back and 32 at the front)
regular DT Spokes
Velocity track hub at the back, left-over 105 hub at the front
Vittoria Rubino tyres
Unknown brand of frame. It came fully chromed it very good condition. $15.50 on ebay (although I did have to get some friends of mine to pick it up from adelaide for me).
Fork is a Tange.
Total cost (excluding things like lights) was ~$400 I think.

I’ve got some white bar tape I keep meaning to put on it. The bike currently has a blue avocet saddle and my frame number from Paris-Brest-Paris wedged in the back wheel.

It also has one of the Soma Fab coffee holders some mornings.

The headlight is pretty awesome. A guy I know makes them. Totally sweet.

Nice bike. Got more info on the guy you know who makes lights?

He’s in the process of setting up a website to sell them. I’m he’s back in the country yet. I’ll be in touch when that happens. Otherwise they’re called “P-Lights” and I think there was a batch that abbotsford were selling so it might be worth asking there when they reopen on the 9th.

They’re pretty hot.

Those lights are great, are they powered of a separate battery pack?

Yeah they are. If you look closely at the first photo, there’s a small black saddle bag that’s hanging off the stem. The batteries are in there. I’m using a pack of six rechargeables which is enough to power the light on night rides using a steady beam (9 hours or so). I’ll take some more detailed photos if you want?

More photos are always a good thing…

Are you using the light for mainly commuting? Or have you done some ‘off-road’ with it?


I put my hand up for one of those fangled lights too!

Is it a Luxeon LED in there?

Whats the approx dollar value on these bad boys?

CraigC: I took that one (and an early prototype) to PBP (using the one pictured as my primary light) and it went great (and it was fucking wet every night). I got them originally for Audax night rides and they go good. I haven’t tried them for off-road but I reckon I will soon.

Chupa-Chups: I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure they are.

Lats: Not sure what retail price is. I understand that his costs have increased so the price will change to reflect this. Last I head they were about $100 which is a steal and a half really.

Pack of 6 rechargeables…what size would they be…AA’s?


Shiny. Nice. Would I have ever seen this parked outside QV on Swanston Street, except in singlespeed guise? (about 3-4 months ago?)

Nope. It’s been fixed since the day I built it.