Chunky Toad

I have posted about the medium backpack before, but finally it has a launch date! Arriving 1st of April, the Chunky Toad can now be pre-ordered.

Pre-orders receive 10% discount and a free padded hip belt.

Check it out and pre-order here: The Chunky Toad

oh, and still no word on Vodka Cruiser carry-ability. Send me a carton so I can work out how much it can hold :stuck_out_tongue:

you mean how much fluoro liquid you can spew? :wink: I thought BO gear was classier than that!

Rumour has it that one of these is currently over in Austin carrying accumluated schwag and getting exposure to very notable framebuilders and industry persons.


Is Bundy classy? :wink:

Confirmed by Blakey… your sources are good Nikcee!

i was always told you get kicked out of QLD if you dont like it.

its a sweet simple bag, and I think Bradford would agree.

Cheers! I know Brad would agree :wink:

chunky toad sounds a lot like chunky turd…

few beers tonight jamie…?

no. i’m Xstr8XedgeX on weekdays. i was jus’ sayin’…