Cicli Cocchi Max roadie - QLD

is it me or has there been an influx of max frames lately?

1992 Cicli Cocchi road bike frame Columbus tubing | eBay

I will be having a bid on this. Cheers Jase!

Wow i live just down the road if this helps.

I hope you get it erle!

Let us know if you want me to go check it out.

Ending now.

Any one here.

305? dayummm…pretty good price!

*edit, for the buyer that is.

I woulda nabbed this had it been a touch shorter in the seat tube.

Yep real good buying.

I passed on it. I blew up my bass cab (again) and now I’m up for some tough times financially.

Really? Damn I passed on it too cos I thought you were having a serious bid on it, I would have paid up to $350 and made it into a SS with fenders…

communication is the key guys

Ah shit dude, sorry about that:-(

All good, you actually did my credit card debt a favour! :wink: