Ciclotte - Ride on Design

Err… Its not even a bike… Its an exercise machine…
(The one on the right appears to be made of carbon fibre?!)

i think the one of the left was the prototype.

i know it’s not a bike.

but it’s bike related.

could be used for inside training rather than roller (i suppose).

it’s quite interesting i think.

yeah i didn’t really read much on their actual website. i just think it looks a lot like that machine in south park, and that episode is funny as fuck!!

i could happily ride anything if i had a view of a lake like the one on the website!! then again, if i could afford a house like that i’d probably just take the day off and go for a ride :stuck_out_tongue:

fuck rolly, thats the first thing that came into my head when i saw it too

“the THING”