Cinelli BMX!

That is so pimp :mrgreen:

It’s nothing without the Campag BMX groupo…

I can help you with that. Blue … might cost more than the bike :evil:

I don’t want to even begin to imagine what your shed looks like!


that frame looks like a dog’s breakfast to me.

it brings up something else that i often think about… bicycle manufacturers using their rep in one area of bicycle making to cash in on other areas. What did Cinelli know about BMX?

It goes along the line of me thinking that I’d have a kestrel before any other mainstream carbon frameset, Seven before any other Ti, and a Cannondale before any other mainstream alloy frame, purely because they’ve been around for so long, it’s what they’ve always done, and were formed to do. Heavy weight, traditional steel frame builders picked up carbon, ti and Al alloy relatively late in the piece, and all of a sudden they became “the ultimate” and I think it’s a shame. I really feel like Cannondale should stick to Al, and man o man, what are seven doing with carbon!! booooooooooo!