Cinelli Gazzetta

Thanks Moccos - all I need is a new saddle but that is on it’s way from PBK!

I ride brakeless 'cause it’s safer!

I am really starting to worry that this bike is truly cursed. Just picked it up from work where it has been locked up, chucked it in the car and got rear-ended by another car on the drive home. I think I’ll call this bike Damien…

Shit man that sucks. ill take the bike off ya hands if you want :slight_smile:

Kinda funny that if you were riding brakeless this wouldn’t have happened. Hope you wrist gets better

Yes it is ironic as I have had strong views on the whole brakeless vs brakes debate before. I will say however that having brakes have saved my bacon before this enough that I won’t be in a hurry to remove them once I can ride again.

I’m buying my BB for the gazzetta and was wondering what spindle length i need on it.?

any ideas.

Spindle or shell???

I have one of these in mine…

Miche Primato Track Bottom Bracket Only