Cinelli Gazzetta

Just received my Cinelli Gazzetta and with a bit of help from Pony Bikes built it up today. Yet to ride it but looking forward to it!

Apologies for the shit iPhone pics.

Velocity Deep V’s (ghetto rattle can black on back)
Miche Primato Advanced Cranks/Chainring
Miche Cog/Surly Lockring
KMC Kool Chain
MKS Sylvan Pedals/Cages
Rolls Saddle
Thomson Elite Seatpost
Thomson Elite Stem
Nitto Risers with Ourys

nice build keep us updated on how the frame feels, looking at getting one myself

pretty cool except for the saddle angle.
how much did you pay for the frame?

Thanks. Saddle came off my last frame which had more relaxed geo. Frame cost about this much.

really nice. man how much did the frame end up costing?

Find the link in the post above you? haha
$550 shipping for those who don’t understand hyperlinks.

nice frame. can you get some better pics of the colour? want to see how ‘dark’ this grey really is.

It is a mid grey, this pic shows the colour better.

Hey RTP,

Are you the one who took a tumble at the Docklands earlier today? It was definitely a Cinelli with Primato cranks, so looked pretty much like the bike below. Anyhow, that entrance is tricky as there are always vehicles exiting when you don’t expect it. Hope you and your bike are ok.

Nice ride BTW. :slight_smile:

Hey RTP,
If that was you at Docklands, dude that was one hell of a flip. Skin grows back. Glad it’s not anything too serious. Ride Safe.

Yep that was me. Started the day by fucking up the seat post clamp on my brand new frame this morning (on my first ride adjusting it) and then fucked my body up on the way to the closest LBS to try get them to fix it up! Great day!!!

No broken bones (at least that what the doc said) but plenty of lost skin, a badly sprained wrist and a fucked rolls saddle. To be honest am still more devastated about the seat clamp, which is still fairly functional but fucked (stripped metal around the slot the pinch bolt sits in), at least the paint seemed ok. Would swap a broken bone to have my frame back to normal though:cry: :cry:.

Unfortunately won’t be riding this cursed bike for 6 weeks now. Wrist broken in 2 places and getting a cast tomorrow. Good times!


All the best mate :oops:

good luck with the 6 weeks, hopefully you don’t have the same doctors i had!
and you can ride with a cast, after a week you’ll probably be seriously considering it.

ah shit, sorry to hear that bro. Heal Up!!


gets funnier - I also broke my right hand too!

stop it im crying,

(Wow that really fucking sucks.)

This sucks.
I assume this didn’t go down too well with your wife!?!

What exactly happened? it sounds very spectacular!

Yes, the wife was very unimpressed! Particularly as she is 26 weeks pregnant and we have a 20 month old boy, so she was changing all the nappies/washing up etc because of an accident I had on the bike she hates. At least next time she accuses me of not doing anything to help around the house I can remind her of this time!

I was rushing off to Harbourtown to get the seat clamp looked at at lunch, was probably going a little too fast as a result and had a courier van look like he wasn’t going to stop when he crossed the bike path exiting a car park. Slammed on the (brand new) brake, bike stopped and I kept going until the pavement stopped me. I then got up and pretended to not be in pain before taking myself off to the doctor to get patched up. Judging by my saddle being fucked I flipped the bike too, but thankfully the rest of the bike is pretty much all good. Made it to the Big Day Out with my arm in a sling the next day, but then the day after when I was pretty hungover and my arm/hand was purple and swollen thought it worth getting some xrays!

Anyway the bones seem to be healing up well, am able to change nappies again (albeit with some difficulty) and the Doc reckons I can ride again in about 3 weeks so happy days! I should hopefully be a marginally more sensible rider as a result of my misfortune too.

At least you still made it to the big day out!!
I think I know the place of your accident because there is one spot down in Docklands where I’ve had some close calls like this.
Hope it all heals nicely and if you need anything let me know.