Cinelli Ken Evans 1970's 48cm Track frame ~ Is it Columbus?

Hey guys,
So yesterday I purchased a Cinelli Ken Evans (Columbus?) track frame and I A. For now I’ll show some photos of the frame.

Here they are;

Well! That’s the frame for ya.

Now the issues, i’ve searched that to identify Columbus tubing there are 5 spirals inside the tube of the fork. As you can see there isn’t any spirals except for just a nail. According to the previous owner, they used to use nails to build the frame together.

An example would be my Pinarello

Being a noob, i’m very unsure if it is Columbus. I mean, usually some people would just look for the Columbus Sticker and point out… “ERRHHH ITS COLUMBUS TUBING”. Just looking for top of the head knowledge on Columbus tubing from the 70’s and 80’s. Any small information will help!

Shit, did not re read the first paragraph, carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a Ken lo-pro from the same era… same paint, decals and lug set (bar one bit) and it’s made of Reynolds 753. I’m no expert on these matters, just my 2c. You could email ken through his website and ask, he got back to me pretty quick with the few questions I had. There should be a serial number stamped on the fork steerer tube that could him look it up.

Anyways cool frame I would have grabbed it had it been a little larger. What you gonna build it up with?? Euro? Jappo? Whatevero?

Well I’m a little bit of a midget who likes to purchase large ass frames, it just happens that this frame was around my size. But yeah, considering chucking on an italian groupset, Italian on Italian. I’m very fussy about these things.

call ken. he’s in the book.

Lucky for you Ken’s Australian, therefore being the giant mixing pot we are, go wild.

^ This.

Rifling or no rifling to the steerer doesn’t really confirm the tubing type either way.

Edit: tidy frame, though.

Woah didn’t think he was up and going. I was surprised that Bundy was still up and going too, that’s a 15 year old for you. Alright, thanks will contact him for the details.

Even Geoff Scott (Gefsco, Clamont) is back up and running. I’ll stick my neck out and say Bundy(s), Ken Evans and Geoff Scott were three(four) of the most prominent Australian builders of the 70’s-80’s.