Cinelli Laser C Record

Pretty amazing frame.

Not wrong. That’s easily one of the most collectible, adored and desirable frames out there in a prime size, with what is arguably the most sought after groupset.

I’m surprised there’s no action even if the price is a high start. These are small in number and not rarely on the market. Maybe I’m missing something :? :expressionless: :-o

If I had the cash I’d definitely buy it, assuming it’s the real deal and not a replica.

Such a beautifully well proportioned frame isn’t it? :mrgreen:

Is it true that the large filleted areas on the frame are made with bog filler, not metal?


Its paper mache.

made from ‘la gazetta del sport’

Get your facts right horatio!

Found this on Flickr:

If this is representative of how they are all made, it’s quite interesting…

Careful getting THAT frame sandblasted!

Thats probably the most extensive photo set that I’ve seen of one of these (though its not something that i search for) and a few things stick out.
First, the roughness of the filler in spots, behind BB especially.
Second, the BB shell looks way under supported to me. I know the tubeset is aero, but its interesting that it maintains its aero shape all the way down to the BB shell… I guess these frames would be quite flexy? I’m struggling to think of a bike that has a narrower base of support for a BB area. I guess the filler between the chainstays might do something?

I love the colour, and the highlight for me is the aero dynamic decal on the rear rim :slight_smile: very nice!