Cinelli Mash Histo

Not yet ridden, front wheel is going and I’m just waiting on a Phil Wood BB before breaking it in

Post Your Yet To Ride ?

EDIT: I should add, I’d love one of these frames btw.

Looks like a fun bike, I’d be riding it with whatever bb it had already!

Edit: similar to nexus, would love one of these. Wish I still had mine.

[QUOTE=nexus;547569]Post Your Yet To Ride ?

Well, to be perfectly honest I’ve had very quick whirl, pending some alterations

I thought the same, yet the clearance on the cranks/chainstays with a Campy Record BB is less than a mm

Too freaky for me

Cool ride, that’s the one that was on Shifter Dan’s instagram right?

Post up how running the tubular rear goes on the street when you do get out to ride it!

Yep same one

Can imagine you’re going to get very good at gluing tubulars…

Had the same rear wheel on my last bike for twelve months, no issues

so it was getting about as much use as this one? I love my mash, perfect street bike

do I detect a tone of sarcasm?

This has just been rebuilt


how do you stop? the pistas are tubbies right?

#yolo right?

Good solid build. Would me more at home on the track with the tubs, but whatever, they look sick.

This gets me to work and back on the daily, early starts and arvo finishes mean I don’t have to anything brash aka skid etc

It survives just fine, and I stop no worries

maybe… wasn’t it for sale a while ago? like 12months ago? but srzly how can you have a bike like this and just cruise around all the time? i just want to ‘mash’ all day when i get on mine, its a bit aggressive in the geo, more so than a lot of tarck bikes, just lends itself to smashing it, but if you’re a cruiser sort of dude, go nuts!

well if your only going to give yourself one way to stop that thing, i would make sure everything involved in that one said option is as robust as possible(from retention through to chain/lockrings and wheels/tyres), this would rule out tubs in my mind. getting hit by cars/hitting cars really sucks fat ones…

anyways nice bike i do like.

take your logical response and get the heck outta here

I need one of these frames. Damn it looks so smooth.

Which bars are they btw? Pepper?

Yep, they’re pepper. They’re awesome, well worth getting