Cinelli Mash SSCX

Hey all,

I’ve been pretty lazy to post this up and some of you may have already seen this on Fame and Spear’s Flickr but here is my shiny new Cinelli Mash SSCX. As far as I’m aware, this is the first non-team issue Mash SSCX bike that’s been built up so I was really lucky to get my hands on this one a little early. Thanks to Rooster for the super sweet photos!

Build list:

Frame: Cinelli Mash SSCX 53cm

Fork: Cinelli CX Carbon Monocoque

Headset: Columbus Compass CX

Stem: Thompson Elite X2 Stem

Bars: 3T Ergosum Pro

Brakes: Avid Shorty Ultimate Cantilever Brake Set

Brake Levers: SRAM S900 Carbon Brake Levers

Crankset: SRAM S900 Carbon GXP Crankset

Bottom Bracket: SRAM GXP BB

Chainring: SRAM Powerglide 39T Chainring

Chain: SRAM PC991 Chain

Pedals: Time ATAC XS

Seatpost: Thompson Elite InLine Seatpost

Saddle: Fizik Arione CX

Wheelset: Phil Wood to H Plus Son Archetypes 32H in Hard Ano (Built by Louey Diver)

Freewheel: White Industries ENO Freewheel 18t

Tyres: Challenge Grifo 33 Cross Clincher

I love this bike. Very jealous.

SO good!

Gumwalls top off a very impressive build. High five!

Very nice, how does it ride?

V Nice…but fix up that chain tension

Agree with this sentiment, gumwalls on this bike finish it nicely.

does’t the seat angle look a bit off? might be me. awesome looking build though, gumwalls are a +1.

Needs more mud on it! (but apart from that i do like it a lot).

yeah it rides great, no complaints so far. I love this bike!

I’ll have a better look at it tonight, looks fine in person and thanks!

haha agreed! I wish I had this build finished before the last dirty deeds, looking forward to next season!

I was wondering who owned this - it was at the SnS, yeah? Looks so tough.

yeah I brought it along, pretty happy with the way it turned out. now to get it dirty!

This will probably get me banned, but anything Cinelli/MASH can EAD. Heaps better bang-for-buck out there. I have an irrational hatred of them.

Nothing against you imdeano. I’m sure she rides just great.

none taken mate, I understand the whole Cinelli/Mash thing is a little over done sometimes but I really do enjoy this bike and it rides brilliantly. Each to their own aye!

Such a nice build I’m very jealous indeed.

I hope you legs are a bit longer so you can raise that seat up and it looks like it may needed to be levelled too.

But once again nice build and like every one else has said the gum walls set it off.

So that’s why you wouldn’t talk to me when I had my MASH kit on. Makes so much more sense now!

man, that is a rad build
wasn’t this the first mash sscx sold for general release?

yeh vintage Looks ride heaps better.

you fucking MISANTHROPE.