Cinelli RVCA Frame Exhibition 2011

PRFixed x Cinelli x RVCA Frame Exhibition 2011 | | Takeover LA!

man that’s some boring shit

out of all, this one is ok… i think…

only saw the first couple pics, looks like custom paints job over the existing paint schemes by cinelli? looking forward to ed hardy doing one.

Ed Hardy is awesome, unfortunately the rights to his work was purchased by a douche of the highest order named Christian Audigier, who then proceeded to rape the artists legacy while making millions of dollars.

If Ed Hardy actually painted something like this, you’d wet your knickers because it would be fkn awesome.

He did the same to Von Dutch (aka Kenny howard, who was also a legendary illustrator, painter, motorcycle designer pin striper and gunmaker?!)


hard to polish a turd

but not impossible

+another 1