Cinelli Tirolo (combo bar/stem/brake levers)

Can’t stop drooling but I’m gonna show restraint and sit this auction out. These bars are beautiful from every angle. One size fits most !!!

oops … a link to the auction would help

Ooh wow. Might have to ask ye olde friendly frame jilted to do something like this for me when I get a sweet custom frame made up as a present for finishing my apprenticeship. Saw so
Erving similar to this on a Klein, I took loads of photos.

Wow … went for a lot less than I thought (but still more than i’d wish to pay for such an item).

Geez,That’s pretty decent. This combo on a nicely done skid-star would have to be on the list of dream builds for me.

Shit hot,
Making a replica of these has been added to my ever expanding project list

Me too … and I have a few bars of the same style/era to try out for size/shape/position :wink: