Cinelli Track

Took a better photo so thought I’d post it up.

Bought this frame from the BNA forums. I believe it dates from around 2004 before the Vigorelli came out, I can’t find another track frame on the net with this paint. Would like to put it up against a Vig so I can compare the geo. Very tight back end, wheel touches the seat tube before it hits the end of the drop out.

Frame: Cinelli - Columbus Airplane Tubing

Fork: Collumbus Tusk - Believed original to this frame, brake hole is covered over.

Crankset: Sugino 75 with Sugino 75 48T Chain ring - Sugino sealed BB.

Wheelset - Miche Pistard Tubular

Bars / Stem / Post - 3T 4G XL

Saddle - Charge Spoon.

I like this a lot. Would prefer a black saddle, but that’s just me.

Now we will never catch you.
I would email cinelli with detailed photo’s i have never seen another one.
May be a team bike/demo or pre production sample for the vigorelli.

JLN - Agree, the Spoon is so comfy though! Might pinch the black turbo off my other bike.

Dayne - Good idea, will get on that. Looking forward to giving its debut on Tuesday.

I have, a red one. It is a few years older, like a Vogorelli but with not as nicely finished welding and simpler ends.

Where did you see it Spirito?

yep its still sweet, not super fussed on saddle, want to see some more saddle to bar drop… get aero mang

Sydney, ridden by a Macedonian no less :wink:

really nice build, I reckon selle italia flight '90 saddle would look rad

i love it. Want one now.

^^ Totally agree. Got bike envy now…

those wheels are looking damn fine

Nice bike - I nearly brought this off BNA when I saw it too. It looks even better built up in your photos.

very nice bike. so clean.

its gorgeous dude.