Cinelli Vigorelli

Velocity B43’s are smooth and mine have held up fine thus far…

Cinelli Vigorelli Frame/Fork
White B43’s laced to Velocity hubs
Camapgnolo Record Crankset
Campagnolo pedals, MKS toe, Toshi straps
Deda Newton Pista stem
Deda Metalstick seat post
Fizik Pave Sport Saddle
Soyo grips

(Front aerospoke in black is sitting on the sidelines, bring on the haters)

Better pics to come I’m a little too excited to hold the camera still

Where you by any chance at the Puzzlecat down in Melbourne in June? Because I swear I saw this bike down there.

No, that was Andy, his has a white aerospoke up front.

Yeo. I watched an edit on Milano fixed the other day and some dude was riding a vigorelli with risers. I really like them now. This one is pretty sweet aswell. Although white is not going to stay white for very long. Fuck an aerospoke get a HED3, you’ve already spent lots of money making the frame look good might aswell go the whole 9 yards.

That’s Andy’s.

slick riiick

i’ve got like 10 bonerz for the cinelli mash frame. someone buy me one, you can have my firstborn. anyone except mckenny, he shouldn’t be allowed around children.

Make your own CinelliXMash Frame.

Step 1. Buy Fuji Track Frame Pro
Step 2. Buy grey/white/black paint
Step 3. Think of the most un-interesting plain boring colour/ artwork design.
Step 4. Paint
Step 5. Stencil Mash Logo.
Step 6. Mash Mash Mash til your lil heart is content OR you go through a tyre.

I think the Cinelli X Mash frame is the biggest waste of time. Its got no Cinelli class or Mash awe about it at all. But thats only my opinion.

Apologies for my off-topic rant slocoloco.

I’m curious if you have ever seen one to base this opinion on?

my understanding was that they are not a repainted stock frameset (eg vigorelli) and had had a fair bit of ‘street testing’ to come up with the geo. thus your analogy of repainting a track pro isnt reasonable (and if you were going to go that way and ignore the geo differences, why not just get a leader and save even more $$)

you dont like the colourscheme, i do. flashy colours might be good for some, but if its a bike im riding a lot/leaving locked up id rather keep it understated. most of the MASH identity is in the same vein IIRC.

The Heist down here is supposed to be getting some… im keen to take one for a spin to see how it feels.

I’m with you Nikcee. I like the understated colourscheme, but the geo is the clincher for me.

Gypo: I think you’re off the mark on this one.

F-that, some one get me the Cinelli x RVCA frame. I know there’s one in Heist (I think?) and I saw one in Trackstar, bit too much $$$$$.

Anyway, sorry for the thread jack. I have a soft spot for the Vigorelli’s too. Looks nice.

No i’ve not seen one in the flesh yet. But i have seen lots of them built up all different ways on blogs. I guess its just my personal opinion on the colour scheme/paintjob.

The geometry factor is good, but i won’t be selling up all my bikes to buy one just so i have so called ‘MASH’n Geo’. And i don’t think that the whole MASH’n Geo is accross the board standard for everyone. The bike is not going to increase your hill bombing, skids and dodging bus skills.

Back to the vigorelli…

the cinelli/rvka bike is at 239 flinders way in melb

and not for sale

fuck those midget italians and fuck everyone whose biggest frameset is 58cm :x

Is that the hipster shop with the Allegro fixies in the window?

yeah. is every shop that sells clothes these days a ‘hipster shop’?

Hipsters do wear clothes so… YES :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t ‘they’ prefer to call them pieces though :?

I like your bike.