Ciocc! with Shamals! - Perth Gumtree

Kinda odd all these decent bikes are popping up, must be the ‘summer’ riders sellin up =D

Stickers says Ciocc, cant see any pantos (did cioccs have pantos?) cut out lugs, campy grouppo, not sure about the cranks? And shamals, cant tell if they’re tubs though.

$799 asking, not a bargain by any means. But always worth a haggle!

Looks to be a 52/53 cm

campanolo racing bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Jane Brook

i already inquired, it’s a concord with giocc decals. it’s a 54 apparently. if it was an original giocc i would have purchased it.


thats actually a pretty nice bike and worth the price with the wheel set and running gear looks like some nice campag bits. id buy it if i wasnt a broke ass punk.