circle jerking.

i was never a fan of the circulus - get a real velodrome - but it’s nice to see some actual bike riding at an industry circle-jerk. no pun intended!

Portland Design Works / Paved Magazine Circulus Pursuit

I thought this would be a thread where we all compliment eachother.
I miss the /fa/ tripfag circlejerks from years ago, mirandaaaaaaaa

i’m in a good mood, but not that good.

Aww c’mon man. Someone needs to tell Nexus how masculine and powerful he is.

ken oath he is.

i also met hairy maclary (from donaldson’s dairy) the other day. now there’s a handsome devil. a beard like that should be against the law.

Keith Morris is still at with his new band OFF! They’re playing Meredith.

OFF! have one of the best drummers in the world.

no tarck??
i appreciated gumby’s submission hold though

Was hoping to see someone flip over the top.

Here it is in use againat Interbike… with 2 top CXers doing battle on BMXs