City of Melbourne look to spend $5 Mill on bike lanes

Bike network expansion aims to solve city’s black spots

Check the pic in the article. Fucking old people wandering down the middle of the bike lane!

I almost mowed down a group out on the Yarra Trail this morning who didn’t want to move.

I had an old guy walking towards me in the infamous Swanston St ‘bike Lane’ as I was riding a “C**t, and pay fuckin rego”. After I pointed out nicely that the real footpath was directly next to him, and the reason that there was bikes riding towards him making him angry was because it’s a bike lane.
Thanks Doyle!

Melbourne streets are fxxking massive, you could fit like 5 Sydney-sized bike lanes in and still have half the road left for cars.

Please fix the pot holes on sydney road. I ride down there as if i’m in a minefield.

That bike lane is stupid. There needs to be more than a white line to keep people out of a bike lane.

Try this or there is an iPhone app called ‘SnapSolve’ that allows you to take a pic, tag it with a location and send it to the council.

Be specific and mature and you’d surprised how fast they act.

With the state of our transport departments I’ve just stopped hoping that things are going to get better in Sydney. I don’t have the time to get into bike advocacy so I just have to say “fuck it” and ride anyway. I’m past caring.

Edit: that sounds really negative, I know. But I’m not actually negative, just resigned to incompetence. I love riding my bike, regardless of bike-specific infrastructure.

This very much. Though I was never really into the cycling advocacy scene. I feel really weird riding in separate bike lanes, much prefer to be assertive on the road, ESPECIALLY in the city. It really is about education rather than new infrastructure, in my opinion. Have had far more close calls in bike lanes than on the road. This isn’t very relevant, sorry.

I work for one of the big essential services companies and a complaint from the public seems to carry a lot of weight. But definitely yes to the mature and specific because if they can’t find it or it’s not as bad as you said its hard to find or easily ignorable

I thought there were ‘zero dollars’ allocated??

I dont think I even like bike specific infrastructure.

I like the idea of some segregated arterials running into the city from various compass points as major cycle commuter routes… Like 20 km’s from the city up Nepean highway or Beach Road or whatever. Straight, long and uninterrupted. Once you’re in or around town, you should have as much right to the road as anyone else. And if people can get into the city/city fringe safely and quickly, there will be more bikes everywhere and then everyone will get used to it, or the drivers will get fucked off at being left for dead by people on pushies and then THEY might get on their bike and then theres MORE bikes and then we dont need cycle lanes because there are fuck all cars because they dont make any sense in a city with a booming population like Melbourne. They are dinosaurs. They are like an archaic, dirty, cumbersome sloth-mobile. It is fucking OVER for cars. One day it will take an hour to get into the city by car from Richmond… you can walk faster than that and all of a sudden cars are no longer a viable transport option. And we can all ding our bells and there will be girls in polkadot dresses everywhere with baguettes in their baskets and everyone will be friends. Thats what I reckon.

I think this is Melbourne City Council budget as opposed to State Government funding for specific projects… or something

When this happens, I’m moving to Melbourne. Hell I might just move anyway.

i just heard dylan scream with excitement from melbourne.

Haha, we’ve discussed my plans plenty, if I do move I’ll come in like January (or maybe earlier, wild). Anyone got a room in a cool house of cool people in a cool suburb for rent? Melbourne rent is cheap! TOO CHEAP!

Nice bike lanes

Hovenring | Innovative Circular Cycle Bridge, the Netherlands

I lived in this town for a while.

Testament to the bicycling culture, its actually quite far out of the town, and in any other country it would be a shitty, inefficient level crossing, as the more suburban commuters (probably a good 20km out) are the target market for it.

I rode around it a few times. Pretty sweet.

There was something similar proposed for Melbourne earlier this year but it never gathered momentum.

No Cookies | Herald Sun

And I’ll bet my actual arse this never happens as part of the East-West project:$70m-boost-for-walking-and-cycling