CKT Cycles

Anyone heard of CKT Cycles?

It’s an awful web site with plenty of Engrish[1], but it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of their gear is the same or very similar to parts with more well known brands.

Brunswick St Cycles have one of their track bikes hanging in the window.
In true BSC style, the guy had no idea what it was or how much.


Never heard of them…looked at the website, too funny.

Nice looking bikes…and I am in TAIWAN on the 27th this month…I pay cash, cheaper for two!!!


A four cog track hup.

I am very very confused…and intrigued at the same time!!

They’ve been around for awhile. Hillman cycles here in Brunswick does them but I’ve never seen one in the shop. Saw one on display when the last bicycle show was in Melboure but that was a road bike.

Can’t say I’m too impressed with their design … they look sorta “cheap”. Know what I mean?


i hear ya.

My old man would describe them as ‘Tinny’